• Messe Essen
  • 22. - 25. Oct. 2020



Pre-order all great HeidelBÄR GAMES and get one big one extra!

After HeidelBÄR Games‘ big bang announcement of its new partnership with their old friend Czech Games Edition about German products, this time the newly formed BÄRs have a great offer for you at SPIEL ’19. Pre-order now their first 3 ever newly produced games as HeidelBÄR GAMES in English language and one awesome new HeidelBÄR bag and you will get their first success as a development studio as well. Or spoken in games, order your SPIEL ’19 new product WORDSMITH (English Edition), thrilling 2019 VOLT (English Version) and exclusive new print A LA CARTE (English Version) now and you well get their hit game TAGS (English Version) as well.

For 99,- Euro only you get everything in Hall 1, at booth No. 1-C131 – pre-packed and ready for take away.  And you can just get on gaming yourself! Pre-orders can be placed at https://heidelbaer.de/en/preorder-spiel19/ – at the homepage of the publisher under SHOP. Pre-orders will be possible until 21.10.2019 – 23.59h – as supplies last, information subject to change. Furthermore you can find more Heidelberger games und many others in Hall 2, no. 2-F137 at the distribution booth. Game On!

Information about all HeidelBÄR games under www.heidelbaer.de/en

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Join Warcradle Studios at SPIEL ’19 to experience the exciting world of the Dystopian Age first hand. See both Wild West Exodus and Dystopian Wars in action and find out more about Lost World Exodus, Mythos and Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time.

You’ll be able to pick up everything you need to get started; from Posse Sets to Starter sets and Terrain sets, to plenty of tips and tricks on making a name for yourself on the Frontier.

Don’t forget, you’ll be able to get your hands on Jadzia Kosciuszko, the 2019 promotional miniature, and take part in the thrilling demos hosted by the Warcradle Studios team!

Warcradle Studios will be at Booth 6-I102 during the event. Check out their announcement blog now: http://bit.ly/warcradle-at-spiel2019

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RUNE STONES transports you to a world of druids, mystical creatures, and magical artifacts!

The time has come to find the most powerful druid, that they may claim the throne!
Players will take on the role of druids who must prove their skills handling the powerful rune stones. Summon creatures by magic and benefit from their abilities, all in a search to gain precious gems. These gems must go to the talented dwarfs, who know how to use them to make artifacts. As their collection of artifacts grows, the druid‘s rune stones become more powerful. Each stone gives the druid a permanent ability as well as power points. The abilities will aid in acquiring gems and artifacts, and the power points increase the player‘s chance of claiming the coveted throne.

The druid with the most power points at the end of the game ascends the throne and is the winner of the game.


COPENHAGEN, the capital of Denmark, the world’s happiest country: A thriving metropolis filled with grand architecture and unique harbors created by crisscrossing canals. One of these is “Nyhavn” (New Harbor), which is famous for its colorful gabled houses perched along the waterfront. In COPENHAGEN, players face the challenge of constructing new façades that will fit perfectly into the beautiful harbor scenery. They will do this by collecting cards from a display and exchanging them for façade tiles of that color to place on their own house. By finishing certain spaces or floors, they will gain powerful special abilities which they can use for the rest of the game.

The player who places their tiles in the best way and uses their abilities cleverly, will be the winner at the end of the game.



Discover the novelties of KOSMOS in hall 3, booth B-112

Kosmos presents exciting new products at this year’s #SPIEL19:

Off to space! Explore unknown worlds in the revised remake of the classic “The Starfarers of Catan”.
In the cooperative card game “The Crew” you will go on an uncertain space adventure as astronauts.

You love the fantastic world of Andor? In the independent game “ANDOR Rietburg” the Rietburg is occupied by creature and monsters. Can you free it?

“Cities Skylines” – the board game of the successful PC and console game. As a team you build new cities. You have to prove yourself strategically and keep an eye on the finances and various influencing factors to satisfy the population.

Discover and play the novelties at the KOSMOS booth (hall 3, booth B-112). Come over!



Do you have a concept in mind to create a board game? Come by the booth of Whatz Games (Hall 5, Stand 5-J130), say hello and collect the latest version of their free development sample kit or contact wally@whatzgames.com to set up a meeting.



Back to the future: HeidelBÄR GAMES are yummy and eloquently energised!

Rich in tradition Heidelberger Spieleverlag returns as HeidelBÄR GAMES company to SPIEL ’19 in Essen! Founded 30 years ago, the BÄRs are back as independent publisher showing immediately three of their big games:

2019 release VOLT is a fascinating game of high-voltage with enthralling arena fights on great 3D game board setup played with detailed miniatures. Exclusive SPIEL Essen release WORDSMITH turns players into… wordsmiths! To succeed in this play of words, one has to puzzle letter pieces first into letters and create words with these letters secondly. „Vive la Soupe“ is the motto once more in the excellent dexterity game of A LA CARTE. HeidelBÄR GAMES certainly brings its best dishes to the table in this brand new reprint.

And where to find the mouth-watering HeidelBÄR games now? Back in Hall 1, the new booth number is 1-C131. A second sales booth with games of other publishers will be located in Hall 2, number 2-F137.

Information about the new games:
WORDSMITH www.heidelbaer.de/en/wordsmith-en/
VOLT www.heidelbaer.de/en/volt-en/
A LA CARTE (Exclusive Reprint) www.heidelbaer.de/en/a-la-carte-en/
Information to all HeidelBÄR games under www.heidelbaer.de/en
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Original and new games from Korea

Korean publisher Mandoo Games is going to release 6 new games at SPIEL ’19.

Mandoo Games is a small publisher who has introduced beautiful games for families such as Rising 5: Runes of Asteros, renewal of Manhattan, Wangdo and several more.

In 2019, they announced 6 titles which are Castello Methoni, Queenz, No Swap No Pay, CocoBanana, Kushi Express and Paper Safari.

  • Castello Methoni (3-5 players, 30mins, 8+) is a trade strategy game designed by Leo Colovini. Players compete to be the most powerful merchant in Methoni Island by building and acquiring castles. It has stunning artworks which is painted by Jakub Rebelka.
  • Queenz: To bee or not to bee (2-4 players, 30mins, 8+) is a family game with beautiful flowers designed by Bruno Cathala and Johannes Goupy. In the game players draft flowers from a field in the row, then draft pentomino fields to make their own garden. According to the color-connection of the flowers, players get some points. The beautiful artworks are done by Vincent Dutrait. There will be signing sessions with the authors and the illustrator at 3PM on Thursday and Friday.
  • No Swap No Pay (3-5 players, 30mins, 8+) is the bluffing game about pirate’s root distribution. Players have their own pouch to collect treasures. They should challenge each other during the turns and the challenged person can either choose to give one coin or exchange their pouches. So, players should try to figure out who has the best bag. This game makes everybody laugh. Designed by Olivier Cipier and artworks by Jonathan Aucomte.
  • CocoBanana (2-4 players, 10mins, 5+) is a hit-defense game designed by Roberto Fraga. Players are greedy monkeys who want to hold the Banana. According to the card played in front of the players, they should grab the Banana to hit the opponent or grab the coconut to defend it.
  • Kushi Express (2-4 players, 20mins, 6+) is designed by Yohan Goh who introduced Fold-it. The goal of Kushi Express is to collect the most points from the pattern cards you collect. You will collect a card if you are the first person to correctly make the pattern on the card. Kushi Express is not your normal speed game because there is an added complexity to the game with the cheese and bacon ribbons you have to wrap so precisely. Oriental feeling artworks are done by Vincent Dutrait.

Mandoo Games can be found in hall 5-A107 with other Korean publishers.



Playing games is a multidimensional experience. We enjoy tabletop matches and virtual adventures – they are combined into a unified stream of internal emotions. What about having something external to merge experiences of games from many dimensions? Caer Sidi is exactly that “something.”

The very name of this service has direct references to the legendary fortress Caer Sidi. According to the Middle Welsh mythology, it’s a portal to various dimensions of our world. The same with the Caer Sidi service, developed by Paracosm Project. It’s a portal to multiple gaming worlds, it’s a connector between reality and virtuality.

What does this mean for players in practical terms?

  • Through Caer Sidi, experience, achievements, and assets from one game can be transferred to another.
    You invest time and energy to proceed in a story or to develop skills and characters. If the game becomes boring, you have to abandon everything to start playing something else. In the case of Caer Sidi, you can transfer your energy and save your time in a new game. Such transfers can be direct or with the intermediation of the marketplace and Caer Sidi Credits.
  • Caer Sidi connects digital and tabletop games through phygital assets, so playing any version affects the other.
    Phygital assets are physical objects with digital features. They may become playing pieces in tabletop games and their successes will be reflected in the digital copy of this game. Phygital assets are great collectibles that open unique digital content.
  • Caer Sidi is based on the technology of distributed registry.
    It makes all the magic possible. The distributed registry is a reliable proof of ownership, it keeps the history of transactions, activities, and achievements. Thanks to this technology, digital and phygital collectible assets become especially valuable.

Many amazing possibilities become possible with the Caer Sidi service. Still, games remain primary here – all the surrounding features just expand playing experience in these games.

Paracosm Project, the creator of Caer Sidi, develops games from the world of Post Scriptum: a role-playing game and collectible token game. Also, Caer Sidi is a place for 3rd-party products, such as the collectible token game Altar: the War of Gods – this is a working example of merging the experience of tabletop and digital games.

Caer Sidi is a developing ecosystem, a work in progress. Its many features will be implemented in the near future.

Visit the stand of Caer Sidi at SPIEL ‘19 to discover various details of the service. Come and play Altar: the War of Gods on the special stand of this game.



Hurrican Edition was created in 2006, arose from the separation of the publishing and distribution activities of the company Swissgames, active in Switzerland since 1997 as one of the leading distributors of games in Switzerland. Hurrican focuses on interesting two player games for both beginners and advanced players. Mr Jack was the first published title with the author being the one and only Bruno Cathala, Mr Jack was immediately met with considerable success (over 250,000 copies sold). Hurrican Edition has released a total of 16 titles; Mr Jack and its extension, Mr Jack New-York, Mr Jack Pocket, Lady Alice, Le Fantôme de l’Opéra, Augustus, Sheepzzz, Mow, Prrrt!, Hurry’Cup, Dr Shark, Sidi Baba, Madame Ching, KERO and the latest NAGARAJA! A refresh of Mr Jack Pocket and Mow are in the works as well as another game collaboration with Bruno Cathala! Join us at stands D102/C102 in Hall 3 to play and discover Hurrican games, moreover, we will have Bruno Cathala, Théo Rivière and Vincent Dutrait join us on Thurdays and Saturday from 17-18h for a signing session!



Fuji Koro

Game Brewer is pleased to present Fuji Koro! This 1 – 6 player dungeon crawler adventure with euro mechanisms can be played both competitively and cooperatively. Players discover hidden temples, rescue monks and fight fierce and impressive dragons, all in an attempt to return to the Shōgun and gain eternal honour.

Gùgōng – The Stairs of the Palace

Andreas Steding has designed 4 amazing expansions for Gùgōng, that we will publish in 2020 in 1 expansion box, entitled Gùgōng: Pànjūn. You can get an exclusive preview of this expansion at our booth. Can‘t wait for this new release? Well, you can already lay your hands on an exclusive mini-expansion for Gùgōng to make your way to the Palace even more challenging!

Belgian Beer Bar & Pre-Order Deals

Like last year, our Belgian Beer Bar will be open! So combine browsing our shelves or a visit to one of our many gaming tables with a drink. When you pre-order a game on our website, you will receive a free drink and special Spiel’19 deals on our games. For further information, please check out our website: www.gamebrewer.com.



We celebrate a premiere this year on 23.10.2019 with the SPIEL-PREVIEW-NIGHT. From 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. at night we invite you to play and test many of the New Releases to your pleasure with numerous bloggers, YouTubers and other media representatives and gamers – even before the starting signal for SPIEL ’19 is given the next day. Game explainers will be at your side at the publishers’ tables. Or you can play new games from the richly stocked New Releases Game Library and take a seat at one of the many free tables. The fair restaurant will take care of your well-being. Here you can choose from numerous dishes and drinks. The tickets will be available for purchase in August. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you will always be up to date and the first to know when exactly the tickets will go online.